FAQs for Zontoday.com 

Q: What is Zontoday?  

A: Zontoday is a web-based service that allows you to create and share text, code, and other types of content quickly and easily. 


Q: How do I create a paste on Zontoday?  

A: To create a paste on Zontoday, simply visit our website and click the "New Paste" button. Then, enter your content and click "Create Paste." You can customize the settings for your paste, such as its visibility and expiration date, before publishing it. 


Q: Is registration required to use Zontoday?  

A: No, you can create pastes on Zontoday without registering. However, registration allows you to manage your pastes more easily and access additional features. 


Q: Are my pastes public or private by default?  

A: By default, your pastes are unlisted, which means that they are not indexed by search engines and are not visible to the public unless someone has the paste URL. You can also choose to make your pastes public or private. 


Q: Can I edit or delete my pastes?  

A: Yes, if you are registered, you can edit or delete your pastes at any time from your dashboard. 


Q: How long do pastes stay on Zontoday?  

A: You can choose the expiration date for your paste, and it will be automatically deleted after that date. If you do not set an expiration date, your paste will remain on Zontoday until you delete it. 


Q: Can I share my pastes with others?  

A: Yes, you can share your pastes with others by sending them the paste URL or using the social sharing buttons provided. 


Q: Is there a limit to the amount of content I can paste?  

A: Yes, there is a limit of 1 MB per paste. 


Q: Is Zontoday secure?  

A: Yes, Zontoday uses industry-standard security measures to protect your pastes and personal information. However, please keep in mind that no online service can guarantee 100% security. 


Q: How can I contact Zontoday support?  

A: If you have any questions or issues, you can contact our support team at support@Zontoday.com.